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MOU with Techrise

Jyaasa has come up with another step of pride for all those students who want to see their professional career in IT sector collaborating with Techrise, ​a ​private limited company​ in Nepal focusing​​ on programming education. We are proud to have the Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) agreement with techrise. The main goal of MOU agreement is to organise fellowship program in order to​ strengthen​ the​ ​skills​ ​of students with​ ​ basic​ knowledge​ of​ RoR by making them capable to start thinking professional by increasing programming​ ​and​ problem​​ solving​ skills by competing progra...

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MOU with Nepathya College

Jyaasa has taken another step to build a long term vision in Nepal’s IT and software industry. We are pleased to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on August 8th 2017 between Jyaasa and Nepathya College (affiliated to TU). The MOU is an agreement between two or more parties which indicates an intended common line of action and collaboration. The MOU was signed by our CEO Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa (Jyaasa Technologies Pvt. Ltd) and Mr. Sudeep Dhakal, HOD , Research and Development (Nepathya College). Nepathya College located at Janaki Nagar, Rupandehi is one ...

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Ceos on Bike: Startup Tour

CEOs ON BIKE is a 3 days Startup tour from Kathmandu to Pokhra. CEOs on bike, a Startup tour is meant to ring together the Startup community in Nepal and share a travel experience together. CEOs and Co-Founders from as many as 11 startup went on an adventurous bike tour to Pokhara on 2nd June 2017. The CEOs of Kathmandu-based startup companies were on a three-days long ‘CEOs on Bike: Nepal Startup Tour’ organized by ESOS Pvt. Ltd. As part of the programme, the CEOs left for Pokhara on June 2 and returned back to Kathmandu on June 4. The Prestige Talks event was presided b...

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Developers Nepal Meetup #4

Tech meetup these days are happening like mushroom popping in a farm, which is a very good thing and a best place for software enthusiasts to share their experience and learn from other software enthusiasts as well and also helps create an awareness to new generation for software professional and meet people with similar passion. Meetup now days is not just about networking, it’s about growing knowledge base and moving forward together. Some of our Engineers attended the Developers Nepal meetup past week and one of our senior Engineer Sagun Shrestha was on panelist for a panel dis...

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Guest Talk @ techrise

Jyaasa believes in investing time on community and its people. This inspires professional and students to learn and thrive for more knowledge. We have present talks in different community events. One of the interesting talks presented by our Jyassians Kapil Raj Nakhwa, was at Techrise Bootcamp. It was for their students to encourage them why to learn ruby and rails We also discussed about the huge contributions ruby has given to tech industry and other tech numerous communities. And also the how they should prepare themselves for their journey in the field of software engineering...

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FOSS Nepal

FOSS Nepal is a Community of people who believe in the usage of Free Open Source Software. The aim of the community is to promote, develop and diversify the usage of Open Source Software in Nepal. It's Main Objective are: To raise awareness among general public, government bodies, private sector, civil society, educational institutions and media for expanding the scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) via Free and Open Source Software. To sensitize general public, government bodies, civil society and media for the implementation of e-governance by mea...

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Ruby On Rails workshops

In the present context of Nepal a lot of workshops and tech meet ups are happening and we can see both the quantitative and the qualitative growth in the tech scenario of Kathmandu Valley. However, Jyaasa believes that tech enthusiasts in all parts of Nepal have equal Potential, and would like to contribute wherever possible. Recently, Jyaasa conducted a two day Ruby on Rails workshop in Lumbini Engineering College, Bhalwari Rupandehi. It was led by two Jyaasians Ganesh Kunwar and Sarbada Nanda Jaiswal.

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ROR Developers Nepal

Rails is an extremely productive application framework written in Ruby by David Heinemeier Hansson. It is said that developing a web application on Rails is ten times faster when compared to that of a Java based web application framework. Rails is open source (of course!) Ruby based framework that can be used for easy (and fast) database integration. Rails is famous for over-the-top ideas which resulted in shunning conventions and picking up dynamic programming structure. The basic application code and the updated database will always contain everything that Rails will require to execute a ...

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Ruby Nepal, Kathmandu

We are Ruby community of Nepal. The aim of this community is to support, encourage and spread the use and adoption of the Ruby programming language in Nepal, and to develop a vibrant community around the language and related technologies...